For the carb lover, picky eater and low appetite days—now you have an easy way to add healthy protein to nearly everything you eat. RE-BODY® Sprinkle Protein is flavorless and disappear in your favorite soup, salad, pasta or sauce. 

Derived from milk, whey protein is the highest quality protein around. One day’s serving delivers 10 g protein, 36 mg calcium and only 40 calories. No added sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, preservatives or colors. Sprinkle your way to a high-protein day! 

RE-BODY® Sprinkle Protein

Key Product Benefits

  • Supplies a vital macronutrient the help build and repair lean muscle mass and connective tissue 
  • Supports production of enzymes and hormones 
  • Helps control key functions related to efficient metabolism 
  • Fuels the body to help maintain strength and energy  
  • Designed for optimal absorption and digestion 

How to Use

  • Add 2 tablespoons to hot or cold food once daily. 
  • Portable shaker makes it easy to sprinkle on the go.
  • Sprinkle on popcorn, cereal, salads, toast, noodles and more!

The Science

Protein-packed meals are not only for athletes. A high-protein diet enhances a healthy lifestyle through higher energy, leaner muscle and balanced weight. In fact, studies show a daily diet of 95g protein helps overweight women to better control appetite and calorie intake.

A key nutrient the body needs every day, protein aids in building and renewing muscles and connective tissue, and supports production of enzymes and hormones. It also provides the body an energy source and controls many important processes related to metabolism.

RE-BODY® Sprinkle Protein is made of high-quality whey protein, a concentrated form that delivers over 90% “pure protein.” It undergoes a cross-flow ultra-filtration process that preserves beneficial protein micro-fractions and separates the protein from whey without the use of heat or chemicals.

Re-Body Sprinkle Protein Powder


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